• science_techno_artclass

    Science Technology and Art, Adelphi University, NY, 2018

    Using the campus as a classroom, students explore science, technology and art intersections while experimenting and inventing in response to real world challenges.

  • PhotoTruthTMiro4

    Photography and Truth Telling Seminar, Adelphi University, NY, 2017

    The course examines the complex relationship between photography and reality from the nineteenth century to our current age of Instagram and "alternative facts."

  • IntroArtSeminar2TMiro

    Introductory Art Seminar, Adelphi University, NY, 2017

    Students discover challenges and question common assumptions about contemporary art and design. Essays, films, and art objects are considered and discussed...

  • featuredcriticalpractices

    Critical Practices Seminar, Washington State University, Pullman, 2015

    Graduate course co-taught by professors Squeak Meisel and Teresa Miró, placing emphasis on cross-disciplinary thinking, process, and developing a studio practice ...

  • featuredprofessionaldevelopment

    Professional Development (FA598), Washington State University, Pullman, 2015

    This course addresses the relationship between the first year graduate students´ studio practice and their professional one. The goals are to familiare them with ...

  • Drawing 1 (FA110), Washington State University, Pullman, 2013-15

    Introduction to the process and vocabulary of drawing. Students learn problem-solving, observation skills and how to translate the 3D world into a 2D surface.

  • Visual Concepts 1, Washington State University, Pullman, 2013-15

    FINE ART 102 is an introduction to critical thinking and visual and conceptual two-dimensional studio art practice through an interdisciplinary approach ...


    2D Design, Mesa Community College, Phoenix, 2012-13

    This course in an introduction to 2Dl design, covering conceptual and composition concepts, principles, elements and how they apply to photography, printmaking, drawing ...

  • drawingMCC2

    Beginning Drawing (ART111), Mesa Community College, Phoenix, 2012-13

    Students examine fundamental principles of representational drawing using a variety of techniques, black and white, color and digital media ...

  • 2ddesignmichaellizh

    2D Design (ART112), Arizona State University, Phoenix, 2012

    Through hands-on projects, lectures and demostrations students are introduced to the principles and elements of design, a variety of techniques and 2D art forms.

  • vectorexer

    Intro to Digital Media, Arizona State University, Phoenix, 2009-12

    Students learn the basics of creating digital media art by utilizing typography, imagery, sound, video, animation & the Internet. The class covers technical, conceptual and ...