Two-Dimensional Design (ART112), Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, 2012

This course covers the basic principles and elements of two-dimensional design. In a sequence of hands-on projects students are introduced to the concept of the picture plane, figure/ground relationships, scale and proportional transformation, patterning, composition, value, and color among others. Using a wide variety of materials and methods students are encouraged to develop their own design vocabulary and repertoire of practical techniques. In addition to learning formal design strategies, the course emphasizes conceptual issues and the historical and cultural context in which works of art are produced. Regular slide lectures and critiques are structured informally to encourage dialogue and provide students with an opportunity to articulate opinions about their works. Beyond the concepts and skills essential to good design practice, it is hoped that the course will open a window towards self-expression and awareness and provide you with the necessary skills/tools to help students succeed in future courses.