Imágica, pinhole photography workshop for kids, public libraries, Madrid, Spain, 2007-08

How can kids build their own vision of the world and show it through images? What does pinhole black and white photography teach us about patience, slowing down, creativity and mystery?

Imágica is designed and taught by Marta Salvador and Teresa Miró in multiple libraries of Madrid, Spain, bringing free to the public photography activities to their cultural programs and neighborhoods. We improvise a temporary darkroom in a designated bathroom, and adapt the shape of the workshop to the each library´s unique space and resources. Imágica generates a safe place for encounters, failure and integration, where through play and experimentation kids gain basic knowledge of the photographic image´s genesis and the visual language. The participants are in charge of all the stages to produce an image: creating a pinhole camera, choosing the paper´s format, assessing the light, timing the exposure, and deciding a subject to photograph. The goal is to contribute actively to their community´s culture by honoring and sharing their unique images and stories.